Terms of Use


This text of the End User License Agreement (EULA) contains the terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as the “Terms of Use”), in which MEGA PAWNSHOP PTY LTD (hereinafter referred to as “Megapawnshop” or the “Company”) provides services and access to the site http://megapawnshop.com/ and all its functionalities. The Company is entitled to make changes hereto at any time without notifying its customers in advance. This document shall be relevant for other Internet resources owned by Megapawnshop.

The Company’s representatives can answer its users’ questions they ask on third-party resources where the official Megapawnshop’s accounts are created and maintained, in particular: on FACEBOOK.COM, PLUS.GOOGLE.COM, INSTAGRAM.COM, TWITTER.COM and BITCOINTALK.ORG. Please note that the resources listed above are not under the control or management of Megapawnshop. And, as a consequence, this EULA does not apply to them.

When deciding to use any of the functionalities of the http://megapawnshop.com/ resource, a customer agrees by default with all the provisions of the EULA and the Privacy Policy. If a customer disagrees with any of the listed items of one of these documents, he/she is obliged to stop working with Megapawnshop and its official website. Using the resource http://megapawnshop.com/, a customer shall also automatically agree that Megapawnshop at any time is entitled to make those changes it deems necessary in this document.

Megapawnshop is not obliged to notify users of the adjustments made. A user can independently track changes by reading this EULA.



All text and graphic information (texts, design, logos, button icons, pictures, as well as audio and video data) located on the site http://megapawnshop.com/, and software products that ensure the operability and functionality of the resource, are entirely protected by © 2018 Megapawnshop copyright.

All content on the site is protected by international copyright laws and belongs to MEGA PAWNSHOP PTY LTD (c).

Use of the Site Content

The content of the resource and its functionalities can be used by customers solely in accordance with the Terms of Use of the EULA and the Privacy Policy. When working with the site, a user is prohibited from copying or distributing his/her information, except for cases provided for herein.

Preservation of Rights

Megapawnshop is entitled to refuse a customer in providing services by blocking access to the site http://megapawnshop.com/ without giving any reasons. The Company also reserves the right to change the list of services without prior notice to users.

Megapawnshop does not share user information to third parties with the exception of cases provided by law, and if it is also required for:

  • judicial process;
  • compliance with the Terms of Use;
  • ensuring the general, technical or legal security of Megapawnshop, as well as its employees, users or the public.

Fraud Protection

Megapawnshop has adopted a number of payment processing rules, according to which specialists monitor all financial transactions to prevent fraud or other illegal activities. The Company reserves the right to refuse payment processing in suspecting that any payment is made for illegal or fraudulent activities. These security measures are forced and directed solely at the protection of our customers and directly the Company itself.

Megapawnshop is not responsible for the loss of a customer’s funds due to the theft of his/her personal data or the provision of a password to third parties for the purpose of sharing the account. The Company strongly recommends its users not to transfer personal information to third parties.

Refund Policy

The Company’s specialists consider each request for a refund provided that it is filed in a timely manner without violating this EULA.

Megapawnshop reserves the right to refuse refund in the absence of valid arguments or by decision of the Company’s technical department.

Consideration of disputes in which a user and Megapawnshop can not come to a consensus in good faith shall be carried out in a judicial procedure. If, by a court decision, any clause of the EULA is considered to be invalid, the rest clauses continue to operate and remain legal force.

General Provisions

By agreeing with the Terms of Use of Megapawnshop’s services, a customer automatically confirms the fact that he/she has reached the age of majority according to the legislation of the country a citizen of which he/she is. In addition, a customer confirms that working with the site http://megapawnshop.com/ and using the services of the Company does not contradict the domestic legislation of his/her state.

Megapawnshop places materials on its website exclusively for its use for personal, educational or informational purposes.

A user shall be entirely responsible for the payment of taxes (for example, income tax) associated with using the site.

Financial transactions conducted in accordance herewith are considered to be completed and irreversible.

Users shall not be allowed to create multiple accounts, and also to share the payment system details in order to avoid fraud and drive up the numbers. If Megapawnshop’s employees detect such actions, the Company reserves the right to refuse providing the services, in particular, stop paying a partner fee or implement a functional limitation for account(-s) that used the above prohibited activities.

Failure to comply with any of the clauses herein may result in complete blocking account of such a user.


AML Policy

The Megapawnshop online platform is a financial service that provides the possibility to conduct investment activities. In this regard, the Company fulfills its obligations to comply with the provisions of the legislation on countering the legalization of illegal source of funds and any other activity that contributes to money laundering, as well as financing of criminal and terrorist activities (hereinafter referred to as the “AML Policy”).

MEGA PAWNSHOP PTY LTD is obliged to use all possible means aimed at identifying subjects using the functional of the Company’s resource and its accounts in fraudulent and any other purposes that violate the current legislation. The site administration regularly checks financial transactions to prevent money laundering activities with the help of the Megapawnshop platform.

Based on the AML Policy requirements, there is an objective need to process information that confirms the identity of the customer and the operation carried out on the service at the request of the following competent structures:

  • bodies of legislative power;
  • bodies of executive power and relevant ministries;
  • judicial authorities;
  • law enforcement agencies including police, customs, etc.;
  • financial intelligence units;
  • oversight bodies including the Central Bank.

The Company’s administration can request additional information necessary to confirm the identity of a user at any stage of his/her using the Megapawnshop platform.

In case of illegal usage of the platform in violation of AML Policy principles, MEGA PAWNSHOP PTY LTD can transmit the information received to the relevant law enforcement and government agencies. According to regulations of international legislation, the administration of the site is not obliged to inform a customer that state and other competent authorities have been notified of his/her suspicious activity. Megapawnshop may also refuse to process the transaction at any stage if money laundering or illegal activities have been evidenced.

The Company may request information from a user for the purpose of conducting a standard inspection or investigation. An investigation can be initiated as a result of conducting suspicious activity by a customer, another user’s complaint or a random sample to test the Company’s processes. In the latter case, the administration has the right to request from the customer the necessary data with or without specifying the reason given.