Privacy Policy

This document provides information on the principles according to which the information center of MEGA PAWNSHOP PTY LTD (hereinafter referred to as Megapawnshop) works with the personal data of the partners.


The essence of the privacy policy

Privacy policy applies to personal data provided by users of the resource while using its services. Personal data is information related to the username or login. For example, email, contact details, account details, date of birth and other information present in the profile.

Privacy policy does not apply to personal information provided by a user on third-party resources, even if they have official Megapawnshop pages or communicate with company representatives. Such resources include social networks FB, Instagram, Twitter and other sites. They have their own privacy policy not related to the privacy policy of the resource.

Please note that people who are 18 years and older may be users of the company's website. Those who have not reached this age do not have the right to log in, provide personal information to the company or use its services.


Use of personal data of users

Personal data of users are processed by the information center of Megapawnshop. Using the information obtained the company informs partners about its events, news, new services, and also provides other useful information. Megapawnshop also reserves the right to provide users with promotional materials. In addition, the use of personal information of clients for any other purposes aimed at business development is allowed, if provided by law. These include prevention of fraud, resolution of contentious issues, strengthening of business relations and others.

Megapawnshop has the right to distribute summary information submitted in the form of a report and not related to the names or logins of users.

Protection of personal data of users

Megapawnshop guarantees all-round protection of users' personal data from third parties.



If you have any questions regarding the privacy policy and security of your account data, you can contact the Megapawnshop support center for further information. There are several channels of communication available for the user on the Contacts page. Also here you can leave a request to restore access to your account or change any personal data.

The company has developed a set of measures to verify the identity of the user. Megapawnshop reserves the right to take the necessary measures when the client requests the access to the account or the correction of personal data. We can also use the information provided for connection with the user in emergency situations on matters relating to his personal data.

Any of the items in this document may be modified, deleted or added by Megapawnshop representatives without prior notice. Using the services of the site by default assumes the consent of customers with possible changes in the privacy policy. When the conditions with which the client does not agree are added to this document, he must refuse to use the services of the company in the future.