Frequently asked questions

Main questions

  • What is Megapawnshop?

    Megapawnshop is a modern online platform that allows you to quickly get a loan against crypto assets.

  • How does the platform work?

    The client transfers crypto assets to the company's account and receives a loan of 70% of their current value. The funds are transferred to the balance in the personal account, where they can be withdrawn in any convenient way. Then the borrower repays the loan amount, and the company returns the crypto pawn in full.

  • What are crypto assets?

    Crypto assets are funds in Bitcoin or other crypto currency. On our platform crypto assets are used as a pawn.

  • In what currency is the loan issued?

    The loan is transferred to your account in US dollars.

  • In which countries are the company's services available?

    Megapawnshop services can be used by owners of the crypto assets from all over the world if this does not contradict the legislation of the countries citizens of which they are.

  • Who can use the crypto-loan service?

    The crypto-loan service is available to every owner of crypto assets.

  • How do I get Bitcoin back?

    In your account you should mention the e-wallet for the transfer of Bitcoin. After your credit debt is repaid, you will be able to withdraw the corresponding crypto assets to your wallet. Before confirming the operation, be sure to verify the accuracy of your data. Any funds transferred to another wallet by mistake cannot be returned!

  • For what purposes are loans granted?

    The purpose of loans does not matter: you can use the funds received at your own discretion.

  • What is the minimum and maximum amount I can get?

    The minimum loan amount is 100 USD.

    The maximum loan amount is unlimited.

  • For how long is the loan issued?

    The loan period is for 12 days. The client may pay off the debt on the same day; however, it will be necessary to pay the commission for 12 days. The maximum pay-back period of the loan is not limited.

  • What requirements must I meet in order to get a loan?

    The only requirement is possession of crypto assets in an amount sufficient to secure the loan.

  • What is the cost of Megapawnshop's services?

    The customer pays a commission of 1% of the loan amount daily during the first month and 2% per day after a month has passed.

  • How many loans can I borrow at a time?

    One client can receive an unlimited number of credits simultaneously in an amount not exceeding the actual value of their crypto assets.

  • What kind of guarantees does the company provide?

    The Megapawnshop internal insurance fund guarantees full safety of customers' crypto assets. We are an officially registered company and conduct absolutely transparent activities in accordance with the norms of international law.

  • What payment systems can I use to perform financial transactions?

    Currently, the Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Dash payment systems are available on the platform. We plan to add new payment methods as well and will notify our partners about this.

  • What are the minimum and maximum deposit amounts I can create on the platform?

    You can invest in our platform from 0.0125 BTC, 0.26 ETH, 0.2 LTC, 0.2 DASH, 100 XRP, 20000 DOGE , 0.5 ZEC, 3 NEO, 500 XEM, 1500 TRX, 0.1 BCH, 8 EOS, 50 USDT, 8 ETC, 0.7 XMR, 10 PM, 10 Payeer, 5 BNB in one payment.

  • What is the minimum withdrawal of funds?

    You can withdraw from the platform any amount convenient for you, but not less than 0.003 BTC, 0.01 ETH, 0.01 LTC, 0.01 DASH, 10.00 XRP, 2000 DOGE, 0.1 ZEC, 1 NEO, 120 XEM, 300 TRX, 0.04 BCH, 2 EOS, 10 USDT, 2 ETC, 0.2 XMR, 1 PM, 1 Payeer or 5 BNB .

  • How can I invest in Megapawnshop?

    1. Log in to your personal account on the platform.
    2. Click on the “Create Deposit” button.
    3. Choose your preferred payment system.
    4. Choose an investment plan profitable for you.
    5. Indicate the amount you wish to invest.
    6. Click on “Pay” to confirm the action.
    7. Make a transfer of funds according to the information described in your application.

  • How long after transferring funds until the deposit appears in my personal account?

    Adding a deposit you have placed is performed automatically after three confirmations on the Blockchain network.

  • Can I have more than one active deposit?

    Yes, you can. The number of simultaneously active deposits for one user is not limited.

  • Can I deposit directly from my account balance?

    Yes, you can. To create a deposit, you don’t need to make a withdrawal operation. This option allows Megapawnshop users to save on system commissions.

    1. Log in to your personal account on the platform.
    2. Click on “Create Deposit.”
    3. Click on “Create Deposit from Balance.”
    4. Choose an investment plan profitable for you.
    5. Indicate the amount you wish to invest.
    6. Click on “Pay” to confirm the transaction.

  • How soon can I get my funds after sending a withdrawal request?

    Withdrawal of funds by our company is carried out instantly. But in rare cases it can take up to 96 hours. If you have a delay in withdrawing funds, please contact customer support and we will help solve this situation or clarify the data why this happened.

  • How many accounts can I register in the system?

    Each user can register in the system only once. If a violation of this rule is found, all your accounts can be blocked forever.