Crypto pawn is a completely new service in the credit market which allows you to promptly receive a cash loan against cryptocurrency. Now you can use invested Bitcoin funds for personal purposes, and then simply redeem your electronic coins at any convenient time.

Taking a loan from Megapawnshop is much easier and faster than in most banks. You get the amount you want, preserving your digital assets. Our financial institution lends up to 70% of the face value of the crypto currency pledged. The cost of services is only 1% of the loan amount daily during the first month and 2% for all subsequent days.

No time constraints
The fundamental difference between Megapawnshop and similar companies is that we issue loans for an unlimited period. Thus, our clients dispose of their finances without being tied to a particular time frame.

How does it work?

1.Complete registration

Sign up on the Megapawnshop site

2.Enter the conditions

Use our calculator to determine the exact amount of a pawn

3.Application processing

Apply for a loan in your personal account

4.Transfer of funds

Transfer the pawn amount to the account of our financial institution

5.Getting a loan

Wait until the loan amount appears in your personal account balance


Withdraw funds received to your wallet account

Crypto currency refund

When you are ready to redeem Bitcoin, apply in your personal account. Then transfer the amount of the pawn to our account and we will refund your digital assets as soon as possible and in full, minus the commission. Megapawnshop strictly observes current legislation. The company's internal insurance fund guarantees the safety of your funds for the whole crediting period, regardless of its duration.

Loan terms and conditions

Credit services are provided only to registered users.

It is necessary to have crypto assets in an amount not lower than the set minimum.

The client can return Bitcoin at any convenient time or refuse to buy it out.

The client must pay a commission for each day of the loan.

The minimum loan term with Megapawnshop is 12 days.

If the customer does not redeem Bitcoin, or its market value becomes less than the amount of the loan issued, the company reserves the right to sell the digital asset.

Remember that crypto pawn will allow you not only to save Bitcoin, but also to save from 8% to 15% on exchange transactions. Don’t waste your digital assets – take advantage of Megapawnshop’s attractive offer!