Loan against Bitcoin

The decision to issue a loan is made as soon as possible

The company is responsible for the security of your capital

Instant withdrawal of funds from your personal account balance

Your data is used within our company only

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Amount of the loan USD: 100 USD

Amount of BTC: 0.0217174 BTC

Term: 1 days

Credit: 100 USDCommission: 1% per day for the first 30 days (then 2%)

Total: 112 USDGet a loan

Megapawnshop Investing

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after 2 weeks


for 8 weeks


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14 days



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About our service

Earn on investments or take instant loans against cryptocurrency for any period with Megapawnshop. If you have financial assets and the desire to receive additional income, simply create a deposit on our platform. We'll use your funds to provide services and pay you dividends at the expense of loans paid back by our clients. If you urgently need money, then right now you can get a loan. We pay up to 70% of the dollar equivalent of the Bitcoin market value and offer the opportunity to buy out your capital at a time convenient for you.

How does it work?


a deposit

Send us
your bitcoin


This process is
fully automated

You will get 70%
of the market value of bitcoins

Gets cryptocurrency back
including interest

We give you
back Bitcoin

Repayment of the loan

Advantages of our company


  • The fastest passive earnings
  • Guaranteed income payment and refund
  • Daily dividend accrual, including weekends
  • Withdrawing funds from a deposit at the investor’s request
  • Possibility to withdraw funds from the balance at any time
  • Possibility to create a deposit in convenient currency
Make deposit


  • Getting a loan during the day without verification
  • Use of funds with crypto assets saved
  • Low interest rate for loan use
  • Issue of loans for an unlimited period
  • The possibility to buy out the deposit at any time
  • Repayment of the loan in parts in convenient proportions
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