18/07/18 14:39

What is a cryptoloan?

A cryptoloan is a special kind of loan against crypto currency. An official financial institution specializing in such monetary transactions pays to its customers up to 70% of the actual price of Bitcoin with the possibility of their subsequent buy-out. Thus, owners of digital coins can freely use their own funds saving their assets.

How does it work?

1. Signing in. The client creates an account on our website.

2. Application. You must apply by filling in a special form.

3. Pledge. Transfer of the deposit amount to the company’s account.

4. Loan. The agreed on amount is transferred to the client’s personal account.

5. Buy-out. The return of the crypto assets is made after the repayment of the loan and commission.

As practice shows, today saving funds in the crypto currency is the most expedient solution. Now there is no need to spend Bitcoin in case you urgently need money. Just use our offer and buy out your electronic coins at any convenient time.