11/07/18 11:00

Launch of Megapawnshop - quick loans against Bitcoins

The Megapawnshop online platform has been officially launched today. Now you have the opportunity to get any amount of loan against Bitcoins. Quick loans with the lowest interest rates will allow you to use your own funds saving your crypto assets.

How does the cryptopawnshop work?

We provide loans in the amount of up to 70% of the market value of the pledged crypto currency. Just apply, wait for the decision of our experts and transfer the pawn to the specified bank account. If you want to get a certain amount you can use the calculator on our website to calculate the exact amount of the deposit. The commission is only 1% per day from the amount of the loan you received. We have taken care of protecting your funds by creating an internal insurance fund of the company.
The innovative platform Megapawnshop allows you to get a loan in just a few clicks, and then buy your Bitcoin out at any convenient time. Leave your request, and a positive decision will be made in the very near future.
Megapawnshop is reasonable disposal of your funds!